Welcome to Mirage

MC Server IP: play.miragemc.com || TeamSpeak IP: ts.miragemc.com

Always Up-To-Date

Mirage is always on the cutting edge of Minecraft's development. As the developers of special content for the server constantly seek out updates in the most far off corners of the internet. We stop at nothing to bring you the best gameplay experience possible. With Mirage, you'll never be left behind!

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Immerse Yourself

The world is filled with things to explore, from the custom never before seen terrain to intricate cities built from scratch. Every step of the way you'll be battling the elements, experiencing new things, meeting new people, and starting new stories. A world, rushing forth from your fingertips!

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Forge Your Destiny

All of the server lore is based in history, no one person is responsible for the intensity of this experience. It's all thanks to the people who came before. However, not all of them are still with is today. Make a name for yourself, maybe you'll even become an essential part of the server's history!

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