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Official Section: Clans Overview

A clan is a group of people that have teamed up to accomplish a goal. This goal might be to build amazing structures, dominate a server or help others when they need it. Clans can be founded to complete any task or fulfill any desire for a group of people. Clans can be any size, but the average clan commonly has around 10-40 members. Of course, this depends on a lot of factors, such as how old the clan is, how popular the clan is and how active the clan is. Many clans have their own private servers just for the clan members, but a server is not a clan. On a server, even if it's whitelisted, people go and do their own thing, but in clans people know each other well and stick together.

There are many types of clans, some of these types of clans are:

To dominate an entire PvP server,

to help other people in Minecraft issues,

to roleplay,

to work on projects together,

to create amazing buildings together

and sometimes just to chat!

On the clans section of the Minecraft Forums, you will be presented with the topics that have been recently posted in. This is very useful for finding active clans. If you are looking for a more specific clan (let's say that you want to join a creative building clan) you can browse tags to find what you are looking for. Once you've found a clan you like search the front page for an application and fill it out. The leaders of that clan should get back to you shortly.

Clan Servers

Many clans have their own Minecraft servers. Servers not only give a realm for a clan to grow and flourish, but it also reflects their play style and shows their ingenuity and architecture to the world. The clan world has been witness to many, many clan servers. Some clan servers only service a certain few clans, others serve a single clan, some serve a whole slew of clans. Clans also use servers that may not even have clan support. This mix shows that clans can survive in almost any gameplay environment. Most clans outlive the servers they use, and some are almost as old as the game itself!

Servers that service few clans Official Section: Whitelisted Clan Servers

These servers are closed to only a certain set of clans. These servers most commonly use whitelisting with an approval process for leaders to enter. Most often, clan leaders and officials are given whitelist permissions in order to open the gate to their clan and associates. Many setups from this model can be used. These possibilities range from clan leaders only having the ability to dictate who can get on, to even micromanaging server groups and assigning them to other players. This can give a depth of control of a clan leader over the server's group handling, and offers a menagerie of possibilities in how the server can operate.

Servers that service one clan Some clans have their own server. From building clans to roleplay clans, these servers are normally built to accommodate the wants and needs of the clan directly. Something that no other server can do. The servers can be geared specifically to the clans' needs and wants. It can also be greylisted in order for outsiders to visit and see the fruits of a clan without having any impact on it. However, the drawbacks of these servers keeps the clan contained and sectioned off from other clans. Most clans who have their own server operate on other servers that can service other clans or have their own playerbase.

All About the MirageMC Server

The MirageMC server has the following features, among others:

  • Challenging world environment
  • PvP and griefing in non-towny areas
  • Nation wars
  • Politics
  • Intrigue
  • Role Play

New Players may find it troublesome to become wealthy, powerful, but once they do, the rewards are great.

Also in support of the in-game activities for players, MirageMC has:

  • Mature staff
  • Custom plugins and plugin developers
  • A great community of builders AND pvpers
  • A home for Clans
  • This wiki
  • Voice Comms
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