Whitelisted Clan Servers

Clan servers with a Whitelist are often used to stem the inflow of players to meet standards set either by the competing clans or the server management themselves. Whitelisted clan servers have proven to be the most popular method of establishing a clan server. Some clan servers may use greylisting instead, such as building clans have done in the past to show off their work. Methods of whitelisting are plentiful as its' popularity has provided a menagerie of various setups. Some clan servers establish a staff-approved whitelist. In which each individual clan member applies for a server whitelist through a given standard of the server. Some servers are hosted by independent server owners, while others are hosted by a single clan for the use of others. Additionally, some servers have allowed clan leaders to modify the whitelist insofar as adding people to it. This grants the clan leaders a bit of control not only over their individual community, but the servers' community as well. Clan leaders may decide who may or may not be whitelisted, and depending on the server staff, they may even have a monopoly over the whitelisting process. Many servers have used this model including but not limited to: Allimore, Agion, Mirage and Halentra.

Use of Whitelisting

Whitelisting on Agion

Official Section: Agion

Agion's whitelisting process uses the clan leader power model, currently. The lasting effects of this has empowered its' leaders to control the flow of players in and out of the community. Agion allows for clan leaders to assign additional permissions to players on the server in order for them to fulfill a role. Agion is currently a total clan server, most of its' player base consists of clan members and those who work with them. This has resulted in a consistent community with a reliable structure that is policed on the individual level.

Whitelisting on Allimore

Official Section: Allimore

When Allimore was alive, its' whitelisting process used similar permission branding. Allowing users to request whitelisting and giving individuals the ability to whitelist alongside clan leaders. This allowed for a more liberal whitelisting process as many users had the ability to whitelist.

Whitelisting on Halentra

Official Section: Halentra

Little to no data on Halentra at this time. It is rumoured the be closed, or only available to TRE and TUB.

Whitelisting on Mirage

Official Section: Mirage

During the early stages of Mirage, the whitelisting process was constricted to clan leaders only, with the supplementary individual application. Allowing clan leaders to effectively recruit players to the server, or acquire individuals who had applied for whitelisting. By doing this, the player base was less predictable, and situations where strangers with little to no background could interfere with clans who had filtered their players onto the server.

Whitelisting on TBC

Official Section: The Builder's Coalition

The Builder's Coalition server used a greylist. Allowing all players to join the server, however, their interactions were heavily restricted. Users could apply to be whitelisted, or join the clan and become fully whitelisted.

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